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The Living Urn Bio Urn Continues to Grow in Popularity

The Living Urn Bio Urn Continues to Grow in Popularity

We love trees. We love how they dance in the blue sky and the beautiful display of colors from the bright buds in the spring to the amazing browns, yellows, oranges and reds in the fall. We love how snow covers the branches in the winter like frosting and how they provide shade from the hot sun in the summer. We love how trees prevent soil erosion and serve as wind breaks. We love how trees “give back” and provide oxygen. We love that they provide food and shelter to birds and other animals.

Trees surround us and truly make a difference in life. They’re a big reason why we enjoy hiking in the mountains, boating at a lake, or spending a warm spring day in a local park. They make a landscape beautiful and have always been there to lend a helping hand to people.

The love for trees is one of the main reasons why The Living Urn bio urn is quickly growing in popularity. People love the fact that after they pass their memorial can be a beautiful maple, a hardy oak, or a tough and rugged pine. People love that their memorial will be ‘living’ and ‘giving back’ to people, and not just be a piece of rock with some words etched into it sitting on the ground. 

Mark Brewer, co-founder and president of The Living Urn commented, “Trees are such an important part of people’s lives and they have surrounded us since childhood. People love the sheer beauty and presence of trees. As more people are becoming aware of the uplifting option we provide where you can grow a tree memorial from our special BioUrn containing a loved one’s ashes, the demand for The Living Urn continues to accelerate. People love the fact that their memorial can ‘give back’ and be a living memorial future generations can enjoy.”

Brewer continues, “We have many families who hold planting ceremonies with The Living Urn. The feedback from these ceremonies have been amazing and it is something that family and friends of all ages can participate in. Instead of placing a rose on a casket, family can place the soil in the bio urn that will grow new life in honor of their loved one. These special ceremonies are something that people will remember for years to come and the tree is a growing memorial that they can visit for a lifetime.”

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