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Where Can I Buy The Living Urn Bio Urn and Planting System?

Where Can I Buy The Living Urn Bio Urn and Planting System?

The Living Urn® has quickly become the leading biodegradable urn and planting system in the U.S. There are many reasons for this, including that the system comes with everything needed to grow a memory tree with cremated remains and the fact that it comes with a live tree of choice, and not seeds, as it can be a challenge to grow a tree from seeds. 

Many people love the idea of memorializing their loved one this way, however, do not know where they can purchase one.  There are 4 easy ways to do this…

  • Visit , and order it online;
  • Call (800) 495-7022, ext. 0 to place an order by phone;
  • Order from an authorized distributor (contact us to find out if there’s one near you!)
  • Visit your local funeral home – The Living Urn is currently offered at over 400 funeral homes nationwide and growing. If your local funeral home doesn’t currently carry The Living Urn, ask them about it and they can typically get one for you within a few days.

We asked Mark Brewer, The Living Urn’s president and co-founder about The Living Urn and its growing availability, “We want to make it easy on families to find and purchase The Living Urn. Many people feel comfortable buying things online and they can do that through our website. If they don’t feel comfortable online, they can call us on our 1-800 number, or pick one up at their local funeral home.”

Brewer comments on the availability of The Living Urn at funeral homes, “We’re focused on growing our funeral home footprint throughout the U.S. We feel this is a great way to offer The Living Urn as it makes it easy on families – they can make all of the arrangements at the same time as ordering The Living Urn. In addition, funeral homes stock The Living Urn so it’s available as soon as it’s needed and families don’t have to wait for The Living Urn to be shipped. There are currently over four hundred funeral homes carrying The Living Urn and our goal is to be in over a thousand funeral homes by the end of this year and over three thousand funeral homes by the end of 2018.”

Brewer continues, “In addition to our ongoing outreach to funeral homes and other participants in the funeral industry, a number of our new funeral home partners have been established due to families coming in and asking for The Living Urn.  We expect this trend to increase as we continue to expand our social media and other outreach efforts and more people become aware of this uplifting option.”

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