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Why Does The Living Urn Bio Urn & Planting System Come in a Bamboo Case?

Why Does The Living Urn Bio Urn & Planting System Come in a Bamboo Case?

The Living Urn® bio urn and planting system comes with everything you need to grow a tree, plant or flowers from a proprietary BioUrn® containing your loved one’s ashes. This includes our special RootProtect™ soil additive to make the environment containing cremated remains suitable for tree growth. We also include a premium growth mix, wood chips, planting instructions, our unique BioUrn® made from recycled plant materials, and an optional tree seedling (or baby tree) of choice provided by the Arbor Day Foundation. This industry leading, patent pending planting system also comes packaged in a bamboo case – buy why

We asked Mark Brewer, The Living Urn’s president and co-founder, “Bamboo is a sustainable resource and is also a beautiful wood. When we developed The Living Urn, we knew we had something special and wanted to make sure it was packaged in the most attractive case we could produce. After exploring various options, including recycled paper boxes and other materials, we decided that the bamboo casing was the way to go. I think we made the right choice as feedback on the bamboo has been fantastic.”

“Another reason we decided to go with the bamboo casing instead of other alternatives is that it’s considered a sustainable wood and the cases are made by hand with a proprietary eco-friendly production process. That was key for us as we wanted to make sure that everything we provide is eco-friendly. We’re dedicated to giving back to the environment and I’m proud to say that all components included with The Living Urn, including its packaging, are all natural and eco-friendly.”

The bamboo case is not just for packaging purposes. Brewer comments on the various uses of the bamboo container, “In addition to serving as a shipping container for The Living Urn system, the attractive bamboo case has many uses. Many families choose to store the bio urn with their loved one’s cremated remains in the bamboo case while they wait for their tree seedling to arrive. And, some families keep the bamboo case after they plant The Living Urn and place special keepsakes of their loved one in it. We’ve also heard from other customers who have told us that it makes a great indoor planter, or even a bird house.

Brewer continues, “We have the only bio urn and planting system that comes with everything a family needs to grow a tree memorial and The Living Urn is the only system packaged in bamboo.  It is one of many things that makes our product unique.”

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